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We are Newcastle, NSW's Top Epoxy Flooring Company.

Epoxy Experts Newcastle Co are your #1 source for all epoxy flooring solutions. These expert contractors offer top-quality epoxy flooring at some of the most affordable rates in Newcastle and the surrounding area. If you’re looking for a reliable flooring option that is durable to last through everything it sees in the run of a day, you need to call us at Epoxy Experts Newcastle.

We offer several types of epoxy resin flooring solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial settings. This includes:

  • Mortar epoxy floors
  • Gravelled epoxy floors
  • Epoxy terrazzo floors
  • Epoxy antistatic floors
  • Epoxy flaked floors

Property owners in Newcastle are always satisfied with new epoxy flooring. This is a very attractive flooring option that allows you more options when customizing a look. Epoxy flooring comes with a high-gloss finish, that keeps the floor looking brand new for years to come, even if it sees heavy traffic

There are many advantages to choosing an epoxy floor coating. These floors are easy to keep clean and require very little maintenance after they have been installed. Epoxy flooring can withstand the high impact of a busy workforce without showing the signs that other floors do. If you use machinery on the epoxy floor coating or drop a lot of heavy materials, polyepoxides don’t show signs of it.  

When it comes to choosing the right flooring solution, people always had to choose between beauty and functionality. Epoxy resin flooring brings people the best of both worlds. They can arrange to have an eye-catching floor put down that will last through any amount of heavy impact.

Epoxy flooring has a lot of advantages. One of them is that it is a more sustainable flooring option. When contractors from Epoxy Experts Newcastle install a new epoxy resin floor, they don’t require heavy-duty equipment or products that contain strong chemicals or foul odours. This allows them to safely put down a quality floor in a shorter amount of time.

Aligning our values with the local council and ensuring being updated with the local industry guidelines is our top priority to ensure great quality flooring that is built to last.

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Epoxy Floor Services

An epoxy resin floor is a perfect solution for nearly any room or building. This strong floor is suitable for:

  • Washrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Gyms
  • Garages
  • Warehouses
  • Showrooms
  • Stores & more

There are many different uses for epoxy floor coating, which is why the contractors at Epoxy Experts Newcastle offer several different solutions. Discover why epoxy resin flooring is perfect for any space with the following services.

General Epoxy Flooring

When people are looking for a strong flooring solution that will live through anything they throw its way, they can’t go wrong with epoxy resin. Our high-gloss finish helps make this durable floor look like a luxury floor that’s easy to maintain.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Every commercial space sees a lot of traffic and it can be difficult for employees to keep up with floor maintenance when so many people are coming and going. Epoxy will continue to look great in your commercial space.

Epoxy Garage Flooring

Want a garage floor solution that you’ll never have to worry about? If so, you need to consider an epoxy floor coating. Epoxy garages floors can withstand heavy impact, oil & chemical spills, and many other factors that wear out other garage floors.

Epoxy Flake Flooring

One of the most beautiful flooring solutions is epoxy flake flooring. This is when flakes are covered by a clear epoxy flooring coating to create a vibrant look. It’s easy to achieve a custom look with this solution.

Our Values

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What Our Clients Say

I wasn’t sure if epoxy flooring was the right choice for my company’s garage. Epoxy Experts Newcastle Co were very helpful and addressed all of my concerns, helping me see it was the right choice. They also completed the job in record time. This garage floor has seen a lot of action and it still looks fantastic.
epoxy commercial floor
-Richard L.

Newcastle Epoxy Flooring Benefits

We could talk about epoxy flooring and its benefits all day long. There is no other flooring solution that can compare to polyepoxides. Over the years, this flooring option has been more in demand for buildings in Newcastle. It has a range of advantages for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Epoxy flooring is attractive, durable, and more affordable than other solutions. It also works well in a variety of settings. No room is the wrong room for an epoxy floor. When you make the decision to have epoxy flooring put in, Epoxy Experts Newcastle is only a phone call away. We are the leading company offering epoxy flooring solutions in Newcastle and surrounding areas.

Want to know if epoxy flooring is the right choice for your building? Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of polyepoxides for floors.

Looks Fantastic

When a floor looks good, the area it’s located in automatically looks 100 times better. We are passionate about epoxy resin because it creates one of the most beautiful floor coatings we have ever seen. There are a variety of amazing looks and hues that can be created with epoxy flooring.

Epoxy flooring doesn’t just look good when it’s new. This type of flooring retains its beauty, so it will still have that like-new look for many years to come. Even if it’s placed in a high traffic area, this floor will always look fresh and clean.


Quality flooring doesn’t have to cost your life savings. Epoxy is one of the most affordable flooring solutions in Newcastle. This is because epoxy doesn’t require as much time, equipment, or labour to be put in properly. It can be put in for a much lower price than other types of floors.

It will also save you money down the road as well. Epoxy flooring doesn’t require pricey touch-ups or maintenance to retain its quality and appearance. With some basic cleaning, your epoxy flooring will stay in great condition for a very low cost.


One of the most durable flooring solutions for any space is epoxy resin. Don’t let that glossy finish fool you. This type of floor can withstand nearly any workload and still come out looking better than ever. A lot of companies are seeing the value in epoxy flooring because it still looks great after heavy materials have been dropped and unloaded several times.

Epoxy flooring is highly resistant to a lot of factors that can ruin most types of floors. It is resistant to scratches, oil spills, chemicals, and other factors that are damaging to floors. High traffic and heavy machinery won’t cause epoxy flooring to crack.

Can Be Used in Many Areas

There are many places that epoxy flooring looks good in. Most commonly, it’s used in commercial spaces. However, it also looks amazing in residential kitchens and washrooms.  Industrial buildings and garages are perfect spots for epoxy flooring because this strong solution prevents cracks and holes from occurring.

Since epoxy is so versatile, people are beginning to see why it works so well in many areas. It can instantly improve the setting of any room or building it’s installed in.


General Epoxy Flooring

General Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Experts Newcastle wants to show you why epoxy flooring can improve just about any space it’s put in. Whether you’re looking to renovate your home kitchen or are in need of a new office floor, epoxy flooring is the right choice. This affordable solution is designed to last, making your investment worth every dollar spent.

We can help you find the right epoxy flooring solution for any space you are interested in having it installed, including:
● Homes
● Office buildings
● Apartment buildings
● Stores & Restaurants
● Hotels
● Gyms
● Showrooms/ Showcases
● Garages/ Indoor parking
● Schools/ Universities
● Municipality buildings & more
Epoxy Experts Newcastle can help you find the epoxy flooring design that’s right for your space. We want to make sure you get the flooring solutions you are 100% satisfied with. Our contractors are fully prepared to answer any questions you have about our general epoxy flooring services.

Do you have a demanding area in your building that sees a lot of traffic? If so, you need a flooring solution that won’t show signs of it. An epoxy coating is the only solution that will keep your floors looking top-notch all year long. You don’t have to put in a lot of work to keep these floors in good condition.


Commercial Epoxy Coating

How many people does your business see in a day? Think about all those shoes that the company floor sees during business hours. Commercial floors see more traffic than any other type of flooring in Newcastle. This is why businesses need a durable floor that will be handle high traffic without looking dingy at the end of the day.

Epoxy flooring is the top solution for commercial floors for many reasons. As a business owner, you likely want your company to make a good impression with every potential customer that walks through the doors. The glossy finish on the epoxy floor coating is made to last, keeping your commercial floors looking good 24/7. Even if they see a lot of traffic, they will still look spic and span when the next customer walks in.

Even though these floors look incredibly shiny, they aren’t slippery at all. People can come into your business on rainy days or just after an employee has mopped, and still walk around safely on the non-slip epoxy floors.

Epoxy floor coating always meets the standards of business owners in Newcastle for their commercial building. It doesn’t matter what kind of impact these floors see, they will always look like they were freshly installed.


Epoxy Garage Flooring

Epoxy is the perfect solution for both residential and industrial garages. Whether it’s your personal workspace or a large parking area for a shopping centre, epoxy meets the demanding needs that a garage floor should have.

Most garages already have concrete or asphalt flooring laid. While both of these options seem like practical choices, they don’t have a long lifespan. If you look closely at a concrete garage floor, you’ll likely find many cracks, holes, and dents. You may also notice oil stains and markings from water damage.

With an epoxy resin floor, everything stays in place. You can park heavy vehicles and get to work in your garage without having to worry about how your work will impact the floors. You also won’t have to worry about removing the current garage floor. Epoxy Experts Newcastle will be able to safely put down your new epoxy garage floor over your existing floor. The polyepoxides will fill in all the cracks and gaps of your current floor to ensure you have a safe surface.

The #1 choice for garage flooring in Newcastle is epoxy resin. Epoxy Experts Newcastle can give your residential, commercial, or industrial garage floor the protection it needs.


Epoxy Flake Flooring

Your new floor doesn’t have to be boring. One of the advantages of working with epoxy resin is that the contractors at Epoxy Experts Newcastle can create a variety of different looks with epoxy flake flooring. This allows us to put down a flooring with hues that complement the space it will be in.

Epoxy flake flooring is more in demand than ever before. Luckily, this process isn’t complicated, so our contractors can have a new floor ready for you sooner. With epoxy flake flooring, submerge coloured flakes into a clear epoxy resin. The results turn out stunning and the floors are just as low-maintenance as the other epoxy floor solutions we offer.

This type of epoxy flooring is popular for gyms, restaurants, showcases, and other high traffic areas. To create a unique look, there are many different materials we can use for the flakes. We have created many beautiful floors using vinyl flakes, paint chips, quartz, and a variety of materials.

These pretty floors are just as strong as our other epoxy resin floorings. You don’t have to worry about heavy impact or scratches ruining the unique look of an epoxy flake floor. It is the easiest solution for a floor that looks fantastic all of the time.